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The AGRANA whistleblowing system

Compliance with statutory regulations and internal rules and guidelines is of the highest priority for AGRANA and is a cornerstone of sustainable business activities. Violations of statutory or company-internal rules can result in material losses, cause damage to the image and reputation of AGRANA and, in extreme cases, even endanger jobs.

The AGRANA whistleblowing system allows employees, customers, business partners and other persons to report significant malpractices or seek advice, either anonymously or by name.

If you are aware of damaging behaviour or risks, help avoid disadvantageous developments by submitting a report.

The previous, typical reporting channels for AGRANA employees explicitly remain in place. This means that concerns should first be reported to persons in the immediate work environment, such as a supervisor, the company management, the human resources department or the competent compliance officer.

Thank you for your assistance and your conscientiousness.

Why should I submit a report?
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