Vallourec S.A.

The Vallourec Code of Ethics sets out the values and defines the main principles of action of Vallourec with regards to its personnel, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. In order to detect, resolve and react appropriately to any non-compliant behavior with the Vallourec Code of Ethics, Vallourec set up the “Vallourec Integrity Line: Tell us!”.

The “Vallourec Integrity Line: Tell us!” is an internet-based reporting system, maintained by an independent company (EQS Group AG), which allows you to report specific information concerning non-compliant behavior. This electronic system supplements the existing reporting channels provided by the Code of Ethics for Vallourec personnel, such as the line manager, the human resources manager or the Chief Ethics and Compliance officer, the local Ethics Correspondents.

Although anonymous reports are possible, we encourage users of this system to provide their name, to allow for optimal processing of alerts. All appropriate measures have been implemented in order to guarantee the strictest confidentiality about the facts described, your identity and the identity of the person involved.

Why should I submit a report?
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