Crédit Agricole S.A.

Welcome to the Crédit Agricole Group's whistleblowing system

In order to demonstrate its commitment and to prove the quality of its unethical, illegal and criminal practices prevention programme, the Crédit Agricole Group would like to assist all the employees of the company, external collaborators or suppliers wishing to exercise their right of whistleblowing in order to protect the Group's interests.

These persons who cannot declare potential facts through the process of reporting a malfunction (for example, if the manager is involved) can now exercise their right of whistleblowing. The whistleblowing right must be exercised disinterestedly and in good faith.

This system guarantees you a strict confidentiality environment, allowing you to expose the facts and communicate with the referent person/examiner in charge of processing your alert (via a secured postbox) while protecting your identity.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Who can submit a report?
What sort of report can I submit through this system?
Why should I submit a report?
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What protection options do I have upon submitting a report?