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Fairness and justice starts with you!

Integrity, respect and appreciation, transparency, diversity of perspectives, innovation and excellence are the fundamental pillars upon which collaboration at TU Dresden (TUD) is based. This understanding of our responsibilities means that we are all committed to complying with scientific, administrative, financial / technical and interpersonal rules, which are often also set out in law.

TUD believes in a responsible way of working with all members of our university. Personal integrity and acting in compliance with the rules are guiding and inalienable principles for all our actions.

We are aware of our prominent role as a University of Excellence and, as such, TUD is committed to detecting misconduct or actions which are not compliant with regulations at an early stage in order to counteract these activities and thus prevent harm to our members, our associate members and our university as a whole. Violations of the law, financial discrepancies and other serious violations of internal regulations lead to a loss in reputation for our university with wide-ranging effects and cause harm to people as well as material damage.

Having integrity and honesty in everything we do is a guiding principle for all individuals of all ages and in all positions of seniority. You either embody integrity or you do not. And this is not about specific disciplines but rather a fundamental professional ethos.

In the course of the further development of the TUD compliance management system, we are expanding the existing complaints and communications pathways to include a web-based anonymized reporting portal for significant violations of the rules.

We are relying on your support in this regard. If you have a concrete suspicion that significant misconduct is about to occur or has already occurred, please inform us about this.

We would like to provide you with effective protection as the person reporting the case, and we are therefore offering you a communication platform which permits the submission of anonymous reports and is secured using the latest technology. In this protected digital space, you can make an active contribution and enter into a dialog with us to clarify suspected incidents.

Inform us about violations of scientific, administrative, financial / technical and interpersonal rules at our university, thereby helping to promote a culture of trust in which everyone at our university is valued.

We would like to thank you for your support!

Professor Ursula M. Staudinger, Rector

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