FS-PP Berlin (Schwan-STABILO)

The FS-PP BKMS® System ensures confidentiality at the highest technical level

For the Schwan-STABILO group, compliance means more than just following the law. Every action must consistently adhere to the company's internal policies, the code of conduct as well as the ethical principles of this family company. Reports are accepted that refer to business crimes, serious administrative offences, violations of labour law obligations and other serious violations of laws and rules in connection with Schwan-STABILO.

The FS-PP BKMS® System offers an especially secure channel for contacting the ombudspersons of the Schwan-STABILO group. The system makes it impossible to trace the origin of reports. In other words, whistleblowers can remain anonymous.

You can set up a postbox in the system which will allow you to correspond confidentially with the ombudspersons of the Schwan-STABILO group and even learn what has happened with your report.

Dr. Rainer Frank, Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson
Dr. Rainer Frank
Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson
Dr. Leonie Lo Re, Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson
Dr. Leonie Lo Re
Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson

However, please consider first whether it would be better to first submit an internal report to the Compliance Officer. If you have reservations about taking this route, the ombudspersons appointed by the group are the right people to contact, either directly or using the FS-PP BKMS® System.

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