FS-PP Berlin (Schwan-STABILO)

Report a tip about the Schwan-STABILO Group - securely, anonymously and confidentially

Have you noticed misconduct within the Schwan-STABILO Group or at one of its suppliers and would like to report it to us?

With this FS-PP BKMS® system, you can contact the ombudspersons of the Schwan-STABILO Group in a particularly secure way. It is open to reports of white-collar crime, serious administrative offences, breaches of duty under labour law, violations of human rights and other gross violations of regulations and the law in connection with the Schwan-STABILO Group. The system makes it impossible to trace reports, which means that you as a whistleblower remain completely anonymous.

You can set up a mailbox in the system through which you can communicate with the ombudspersons of the Schwan-STABILO Group in a protected manner and find out what has happened to your report.

Dr. Niklas Auffermann, Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson
Dr. Niklas Auffermann
Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson
Sophia Hoffmeister, Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson
Sophia Hoffmeister
Schwan-STABILO ombudsperson

Please always consider first whether reporting via the internal company channels is an option for you.
If you have any reservations, the ombudspersons appointed by the Group are the right people to contact, either directly or via this FS-PP BKMS® system.

What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?
Who receives and processes my report?