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Ethics Helpline: tell us, we care!

Reporting concerns and asking questions is fundamental to IDA Foundation and enables us to address the concern and correct the probem. Any suspected or actual violation of ethical standards or applicable laws must be reported immediately. This includes any received complaints or concerns regarding such a (potential) violation.

Wendy Eggen, Managing Director IDA Foundation
At IDA we feel a strong sense of responsibility to act with integrity and to respect all those who have a stake in our success. Employees and business partners should feel comfortable to speak freely about any issues as this is crucial to having a culture of trust. We trust that you will act responsibly and, when in doubt, shall not hesitate to raise concerns or ask questions with respect to ethics and compliance. If you raise a concern in good faith you are respected for your honesty and protected by our anti-retaliation policy.

If you are an IDA employee, you can discuss your concern with your manager. And if you are a business partner, you should first discuss it with your IDA contact person. If you do not feel comfortable to do so or if you do not agree with their point of view, you can also turn to the IDA Ethics & Compliance Officer or the Head of HR (see our website for their contact details). If for some reason you prefer not to do this either, you should use this Ethics Helpline.

Note that employees who are working in The Netherlands may also turn to the confidential counsellor for advice with respect to behavioural matters for and that employees who work on specific projects may have a project-specific mechanism to raise concerns. And if you want to submit a complaint on unwanted behaviour directly to our complaints committee, please select the category Formal complaint related to inappropriate behavior. The complaints committee will however not handle anonymous reports. If you want to submit an anonymous report, please select one of the other categories. Lastly, you can also turn to the Dutch House for Whistleblowers.

If you submit a question or a report, it will be handled in a confidential manner. You may choose to remain anonymous. However, we strongly encourage you to identify yourself as this will make it easier for us to investigate the case and address your concerns. We will work in accordance with the IDA Investigation Procedure.

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