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Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Deutsche Hospitality unites a wide range of employees from diverse professions under a single roof. We are very proud of this diversity since it expresses our passion, tradition and vision across a range of industries and regions of the world.

However, this diversity also represents a great responsibility: Not only with respect to our employees but also with respect to our partners, guests and the countries where we do business as a hospitality provider and that form part of our supply chain.

Success can only be sustainable if all participants follow clear rules. This is achieved through our internalized sense of values as well as our codes of conduct for employees and suppliers, which explicitly lay out the standards for our behaviour. We fundamentally expect our employees and our partners to act with integrity and to comply with all applicable laws. If violations nevertheless occur, we are interested in receiving reports of such malpractice. We are grateful for all information from employees, customers, suppliers and business partners that assists us in discovering and eliminating compliance issues. This is essential to prevent economic harm and reputational damage to our company.

The DH Speak-Up Line serves as an online platform for employees and suppliers to anonymously submit reports about malpractice. Malpractice is understood as actions that violate laws, internal policies and regulations or principles of ethical and moral conduct. Moreover, the DH Speak-Up Line offers a helpdesk function that allows you to ask questions about laws, the codes of conduct and company policies in order to avoid unintended malpractice.

Everyone can contribute to transparency and integrity by remaining alert and taking responsibility. Help us protect Deutsche Hospitality from harmful conduct and assist us in upholding our obligations to protect human rights.

Rest assured that the information you share over the DH Speak-Up Line is protected and no conclusions can be drawn concerning your identity if you submit an anonymous report.

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