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If something’s wrong, do the right thing!

With its brand segments of luxury, upscale, midscale and economy, Deutsche Hospitality unites a wide range of employees from diverse professions under a one umbrella. We are very proud of this diversity, and it is an expression of our passion, tradition and vision across many industries and regions of the world.

However, this diversity also represents a great responsibility: Not only with respect to all of you, our employees, but also with respect to our partners, guests and the countries where we do business as a hospitality provider. Our daily actions define how we are perceived as Deutsche Hospitality.

They take place within the framework of national and international legislation, while the code of conduct of Deutsche Hospitality is an important guide to deciding between right and wrong. This code of conduct defines the principles and values of Deutsche Hospitality, which we follow all around the world and which help us all act appropriately in every job situation.

In this way, the code of conduct also safeguards the reputation we have earned over the course of decades through the dedication of our employees, a reputation that can be easily destroyed with a few poor decisions. We therefore ask for your assistance in preventing damage to the reputation or assets of Deutsche Hospitality.

That is why we have set up the DH Speak-Up Line as our new, internal whistleblowing system: You can submit perfectly anonymous reports about malpractice on this secure online platform. Malpractice is understood as actions that violate laws, internal policies and regulations or principles of ethical and moral conduct. More detailed information about malpractice that can be reported is provided in the DH Speak-Up Line.

However, the DH Speak-Up Line also offers a helpdesk function that allows you to ask questions about laws, the code of conduct and company policies in order to avoid unintended malpractice.

We would like to encourage all of you to make use of this offer and to share with us your concerns and observations. This will allow us to prevent malpractice or identify it as early as possible. It also helps us examine and improve our internal processes. Rest assured that the information you share in the DH Speak-Up Line is protected and no conclusions can be drawn concerning your identity if you submit an anonymous report.

Of course, we prefer communicating about the reported issues openly and would appreciate you disclosing your identity. This ensures uncomplicated, direct and confidential exchange. However, we respect your decision if you do not wish to share your name for the time being.

Please avoid denunciations or knowingly false reports.

We thank you for your integrity, your contribution to preserving our company culture and your dedication to our DH family.

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