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We are talking about protecting everyone who forms part of Grupo CIRSA and our company’s reputation in the eyes of our stakeholders. The ongoing development of our culture of compliance is not borne out of obligation, but rather our conviction that we have the necessary tools to detect any risk of misconduct and remedy it.

Your collaboration is extremely valuable. Possible fraudulent behaviour in our company has a negative impact on all of us who form part of the CIRSA group and society as a whole – so we are ready to listen to you!

At Grupo CIRSA, we are strong advocates of the principles of ethics, integrity, respect for law, transparency and honesty, while condemning all acts of misconduct. Our activity is designed so that each person who forms part of the company fully complies with current laws whenever and wherever said activity is being conducted. Similarly, and as explained in our Code of Conduct, we promote full compliance of the Company’s own undertakings and obligations regarding our relationships with clients, suppliers, partners and our environment in general. This forms the basis for preventing possible unlawful acts that could have a strong impact on our reputation and our own business.

This compliance is one of the reasons why we are one of the leading companies in our sector and a reference in corporate business.

To help detect possible criminal acts related to the violation of laws, regulations or our Code of Conduct, the Company has improved the Compliance Line which is in place to detect and report possible acts of misconduct of a significance that might occur in our company’s environment. If the user wishes, this communication can be completely anonymous. In addition, confidentiality is fully guaranteed.

We need your help to prevent and combat possible unlawful acts. Based on your indications, the company may identify possible unlawful acts at an early stage, investigate the suspected perpetrators and prevent further damage.

If you have any doubts or additional comments, please see the “I am looking for advice” section of the Compliance Line.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Cirsa Compliance

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