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Deutsche Börse Goup creates trust in the markets of today and tomorrow. Deutsche Börse Group and all its subsidiaries and affiliated companies are committed to market integrity, transparency, efficiency and security.

Our goal is to avoid illegal or unethical behavior in all business relationships and to offer customers and our employees alike transparent and fair conditions. This is how we create trust in the markets of today and tomorrow. Deutsche Börse Group is therefore strongly committed to combating any form of rule violations. In preventing and prosecuting such misconduct we rely upon your support.

We offer you the opportunity to anonymously report known or suspected violations via our whistleblowing system. We use the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS®), an Internet-based application that allows you to report white-collar crimes and unlawful misconduct out of ethical responsibility or due to a conflict of interest around the clock while maintaining your anonymity. The whistleblowing system also allows you to contact us anonymously (via a so-called postbox) even after you have submitted your report.

We rely upon your personal responsibility as well as your care and professional judgement. However, please be also aware of the consequences that the knowingly spreading of false information, can have for the persons concerned and possibly also for yourself, not only from a civil or criminal point of view.

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