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Confidential submission of reports

Bischöfliches Hilfswerk MISEREOR assumes responsibility for the adequate implementation of the development cooperation projects it supports. MISEREOR therefore is committed to accountability, transparency, participation and the fight against any form of abuse of power and corruption in view of the trust placed in the organisation, but also in view of the donations and tax money entrusted to it.

In addition, MISEREOR wants to create a working environment that promotes diversity, equal opportunities, gender equality and the protection of children and other vulnerable groups. All persons involved in the implementation of the organisation's goals should treat each other with mutual respect. This requires a working atmosphere in which power structures – also between the genders – can be openly reflected upon. The goal is an organisational culture that fosters behaviours such as attentiveness, intervention, respect, appreciation and respect for personal boundaries.

MISEREOR has great interest in incidents of abuse of power being reported – whether they are proven or suspected – so that damage can be avoided both inside and outside the organisation. Abuse of power can occur in many different forms, for example to obtain personal data, to misappropriate donations or to harm people. The abuse of power through sexualised violence and exploitation is of particular importance in this context.

To make the procedure of reporting as confidential and straightforward as possible, we use a whistleblowing system. The whistleblowing portal serves as an input channel for reports of violations of MISEREOR's code of conduct, internal regulations of the organisation or applicable laws. It is equally available to donors, employees, volunteers, service providers, partners and other anonymous whistleblowers. All reports are carefully examined and treated confidentially.

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