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Integrity in biathlon

The IBU appointed an External Review Commission (the Commission) in November 2018 to investigate allegations of past wrongdoing within the IBU and to detect and prevent any further misconduct. The Commission is entirely independent of the IBU. Only the Commission has access to this whistleblower hotline (i.e. no IBU staff may access it).

The Commission has four members: the chair Jonathan Taylor QC (English lawyer), Dr Anja Martin (German lawyer), Dr Christian Dorda (Austrian lawyer), and Vincent Defrasne (former Olympic biathlete from France). The Commission is assisted by its legal secretary (Lauren Pagé) and Dr Tanja Haug (law partner of Dr Martin).

The Commission's terms of reference are available on the IBU website at:

The IBU appointed the Commission to (among other things) investigate historical allegations of corruption within the IBU outlined in a confidential report prepared in late 2017 by the Intelligence & Investigations Department of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The allegations include that the former IBU President had covered up anti-doping rule violations by Russian biathletes, with the assistance of the former IBU Secretary General, and that delegates of IBU member federations at the 2016 IBU Congress had been bribed to vote in favour of the 2021 World Championships being held in Tyumen, Russia. Following WADA's report, the criminal authorities in Austria and Norway subsequently opened formal criminal investigations into potential doping fraud, corruption, and/or financial crimes (which proceedings are still ongoing).

However, the Commission's mandate is not limited to these allegations. Instead, the Commission is conducting a full and unfettered investigation into all anti-doping, compliance, ethical and other disciplinary matters arising from the ongoing investigation by WADA and various national and international criminal authorities, as well as into any further issues of concern that arise in relation to IBU governance or ethical matters within the IBU and/or otherwise in the sport of biathlon that are identified in the course of the investigation.

If you have any information that might be relevant to the Commission's investigation, please provide that information through this reporting system, or leave your contact details and the legal secretary or a member of the Commission will get back to you.

You may communicate anonymously through this reporting system, but please note that to meet the necessary evidentiary burdens in disciplinary proceedings, evidence might carry less weight if it is anonymous (depending on whether or not it can be corroborated by other evidence/sources).

Please note that if you have information related to the IBU, but that is not relevant to the scope of the Commission's investigation, please consult other IBU reporting channels.

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