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In connection with our company name and as a stand-in for our products, we have chosen the phrase “MEIKO, the clean solution”. This principle should be applied to all our actions. In other words: clean in the sense of clear and transparent. This is only credible if the entire MEIKO Group, from the executive management to every MEIKO Group employee around the world, complies with the applicable laws and our internal guidelines.

Violations of the rules not only harm the good reputation of MEIKO, they can also result in serious legal consequences. We therefore ask that you take advantage of this whistleblowing system if you observe or suspect malpractice and would like to inform us. With your help, we can discover illegal activities at an early stage, investigate situations carefully and prevent possible further harm to MEIKO and to us all.

Daniel Heußer and Christian Weiß
Daniel Heußer (Internal Audit) and Christian Weiß (Attorney)

You can also submit reports anonymously. Why the anonymous option? Because we know it is not easy to report certain types of serious issues. If you choose anonymity, this is 100% guaranteed. Your report will be stored with the most extensive possible data protection measures on a high-security server in Germany and transmitted to the MEIKO compliance team in encrypted form. You can find more information about submitting a report in the FAQ.

Here, you have an opportunity to actively contribute to preventing harm to the company without entering into any kind of conflict yourself. We guarantee every whistleblower that all reports will be pursued with the necessary confidentiality and diligence using the appropriate means.

Our compliance system and the whistleblowing system will make MEIKO better, more secure and more competitive, which is in all of our interests.

Thank you very much for your assistance!

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