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The Armacell Code of Conduct was built on our values: Customer, Commitment, Empowerment, Integrity and Sustainability. It addresses the responsibilities of our employees, our most valuable asset, to the company, to each other, and to all our stakeholders. First and foremost, we comply with applicable laws and regulations in every country where we do business.

We are accountable for the way we achieve our results. We build the relationship with our customers, business partners and external stakeholders on principles of trust and honesty and we must ensure that we take all necessary steps to maintain this.

Violation of law and failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct are not tolerated at Armacell.

This online whistleblowing system is available to all employees of the Armacell Group as well as third parties for reporting violations of the law or the Code of Conduct as well as illegal business practices.

As a first step, we would like to encourage you to address your concerns to people in your immediate working environment, such as your supervisor, the Human Resources or Compliance department. However, if you have reservations about sharing the information directly, feel free to use the whistleblowing system and to send your report anonymously or by signing it with your name. We will make sure your report will be treated with maximum attention within our set timeframe.

Please only share information that is true to the best of your knowledge. False accusations or misleading information do not belong here and will be dealt with accordingly.

“Reports submitted through this portal are anonymous and treated with strict confidentiality. The provision of this especially secure communication platform allows you to protect yourself through anonymity while simultaneously making an active contribution to the identification of violations or inappropriate behaviour.”

The whistleblowing system is operated by an external provider, EQS Group in Berlin, Germany. This provider cannot access the content of your report. Incoming reports are handled exclusively by the Armacell Group’s Integrity Committee and in strictest confidentiality.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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