Compliance at Serb – at the heart of our values

Acting professionally, loyally, with integrity, responsibly, in an ethically correct and lawful manner, is just as important to the success of the SERB Group (“SERB” or the “Group”) as our innovative spirit, quality standards and customer relation.

Our Code of Conduct (the “Code”), available at, establishes guidelines for conduct that complies with and exemplifies the corporate culture of SERB. It is based on integrity, respect and sustainability.

Further to the Code, SERB provides its employees and partners with a whistleblowing system, operated by an independent company EQS Group AG (the “BKMS® System”). The BKMS® System aims towards receiving reports and processing them on a secure platform and in complete confidentiality.

The BKMS® System constitutes a supplementary media for reporting strategic issues that you consider inappropriate to report using the usual reporting channels (line manager, human resources, staff representatives, etc.) and which should otherwise be the preferred communication channels.

The BKMS® System is not intended for urgent pharmaceutical supplies, general human resources questions, personal requests or claims.

All information should be verified beforehand and provided in good faith, on the belief that they are sincere and accurate. SERB will handle any request with the highest level of confidentiality, while preserving your rights.

Further details about the BKMS® System can be found in the FAQ, the Privacy Policy and the Whistleblowing Policy.

In case of doubt or if you need assistance in using the BKMS® System, please contact our Chief Compliance Officer.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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