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Listen to your conscience - for yourself, for a healthy planet and a future worth living!

We all want only the best for the future. No one wants to see the environment destroyed and the opportunity to live on a healthy planet taken from future generations. Many people are already trying to live an environmentally and climate-friendly life every day. However, the primary responsibility for building and shaping a truly environmental-friendly world lies within the hands of companies and politicians. But sadly here we often see only empty words instead of real climate and environmental ambition.

Have you observed something like this in your company? Have you noticed that the marketing department talks about environmental protection and in everyday business the opposite is done? Have you noticed that environmental damage is accepted if it leads to better financial results? Do you have indications that your company lobbies against climate legislation or disregards environmental protection regulations?

Don't let these things weigh on your conscience. We can support you in cleaning up the wrongdoings in your company. Greenpeace has much experience with this.

You can send us your insights, meaningful documents and files confidentially and anonymously. We will examine your information and follow up on the leads.

More and more people follow their conscience and no longer look the other way when companies make the wrong decisions against the environment. You too can help.

The environment depends on your help.

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