Österreichische Agentur für wissenschaftliche Integrität
”Your concern concerns us. Confidential - Independent - Objective.

The Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (OeAWI) was founded in 2008 by Austria’s universities and research institutions. Its mission is to promote awareness of the standards of good scientific practice among researchers and the general public. The OeAWI offers the Commission for Research Integrity as a neutral and factually oriented platform for investigating supposed cases of research misconduct. The focus lies on clarifying and avoiding research malpractice.

Do you have questions about research integrity or have good reason to suspect a case of research misconduct and would like to contact the OeAWI?

This system offers you a chance to decide whether you would like

  • to be advised by the administrative office of the OeAWI on questions concerning research integrity. The associated data/information will only be available to the employees of the administrative office and will be handled confidentially.
  • to initiate an investigation by the Commission for Research Integrity by submitting a description of the situation and associated documents for inspection. The associated data/information will be available to members of the Commission and the employees of the administrative office and will be handled confidentially.

This whistleblowing system allows you to report a (justified) suspicion of research misconduct in a secure way – even anonymously, if necessary.

You submit your concern regarding research integrity. The communication takes place via a secure mailbox and high-security server. OEAWI handles your concern confidentially, independently and objectively.

All data and information will be handled strictly confidentially and with the greatest possible care.

We thank you in advance for the trust you place in us.

What is research misconduct and what constitutes a violation of good scientific practice?
What incidents can be reported?
Who will receive and process my concern?
What is the process for submitting a report? What is a postbox and how do I set up one?
How do I receive feedback?