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VDE: Trust with protection, security and sustainability

Integrity and compliance with the most stringent compliance standards are the key foundation of what we do at VDE. We endeavour to ensure that VDE and the companies in the VDE Group are fully compliant with laws and regulations.

In order to be able to comprehensively clarify and prevent incidents which are not in harmony with our compliance regulations (in particular also human rights violations, violations of environmental obligations, etc.), it is important to find out about potential malpractice which is carried out by our own employees or our business partners and suppliers. Help us by reporting any specific reasons to suspect compliance violations.

The whistleblowing system offers the option of submitting reports, including with full anonymity. A secured postbox allows communication – also anonymously, if requested – between the whistleblower and the examiner. It allows questions to be asked and information to be provided on progress.

The information you report can lead to the initiation of both internal investigations and investigations by public authorities and other consequences. Please therefore only share information which you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge and belief.

This whistleblowing system is not an emergency service! Please do not use this service to report an immediate threat to life, health or property since this communication channel is not designed to receive such information.

Do not provide us with any information if doing so is a criminal act according to the laws of your country. This applies in particular in connection with the sharing of state secrets.

For more information and details on the reporting process, please see our FAQs.

Thank you for your assistance!

Note: Please note that the whistleblowing system should only be used for reports related to actions which are in breach of regulations, e.g. violations of laws or the VDE code of conduct. For other concerns and complaints, please get in touch with your normal contact at VDE or the relevant company in the VDE group.

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