Help protect the UMG from criminal actions and harmful conduct

The UMG applies high quality standards to its work in healthcare, research, education and services. Conduct that could harm the institution and especially criminal activities are not in line with this goal.

“We want to protect our organisation and live up to the high quality standards of the UMG. UMG desires loyal employees and partners. If you suspect that criminal activity or other harmful conduct is taking place, we ask that you report this to us. If this is not possible via the normal communication channels, please make use of this whistleblowing system.”

Violations of rules by employees, students or others violate and endanger the reputation and values for which the UMG stands as a university clinic, in addition to possible material damages. If you have knowledge or a justified suspicion of a rule violation, you should bring this to the attention of the respective superior in order to protect the interests of the UMG.

There are situations in which this path does not seem feasible, such as when the superior may himself be entangled in the incident. In such cases, employees as well as third parties (e.g. patients, family members, students or business and contract partners) may use the whistleblowing system to discretely report such rule violations and justified suspicions in a secure way, even anonymously, if desired. This protects whistleblowers from possible repressive responses, and the shared information is handled with strict confidentiality.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brück, Director of Research and Education
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Trümper, Chief Medical Officer
Jens Finke, Chief Finance and Administration Officer

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