BWT Holding GmbH

Doing the right thing is very important to us. We trust in the integrity of our employees and expect all our team members and business partners to comply with all legal requirements as well as internal policies, especially the Code of Conduct. This is essential for us to be perceived both within and without as a company that acts with integrity.

Our Code of Conduct defines the values we are committed to and the conduct we expect from our team members. We introduced this whistleblowing system to ensure that every team member – regardless of their position in the company – can submit violations of the Code of Conduct and other serious compliance violations in the most confidential way possible.

We will handle every report confidentially, and we strive to be fair and respectful in our investigations.

We promise to protect the anonymity of every whistleblower, if desired. To ensure an objective initial evaluation, all reports are initially sent directly to our external liaison lawyer, Dr. Bernd Illichmann, who acts as an ombudsman. He is professionally obligated to maintain confidentiality and will protect the anonymity of the whistleblower – even with respect to BWT.

Let’s work together to take integrity and compliance seriously. With your help, we can identify and resolve malpractice and other problems in a timely manner to avoid possible harm to our company. We trust in your integrity, and we thank you for your trust and your cooperation.

Andreas Weissenbacher
Peter Wienerroither

In the event of problems with your product, product complaints or other questions relating to your product, please contact our customer service or your BWT partner. Thank you for your understanding.

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