Bitpanda GmbH

Speak Up, Talk Straight

At Bitpanda, a core pillar of our culture is “Act with integrity” which means that honesty, transparency and trust serve as the foundation of who we are and how we work together. As we continue to scale, we want to ensure that our team as well our customers and partners thrive together in what we call our “natural habitat”.

That's why we're giving everyone at Bitpanda the knowledge, tools and anonymity to report any behaviour they believe to be unethical, illegal, fundamentally inappropriate or that breach of our Code of Conduct.

We understand that it might be difficult to talk about these matters, but for the long-term success of our business, it’s imperative that we comply with regulations and do the right thing. If we don’t, then we can be just one day away from shutting down our operations. Being compliant and acting with integrity is a good thing — and it’s what we all need to do. So, we’re asking for everyone’s commitment to not only hold each other accountable but also to speak up if there’s something we need to discuss, investigate or correct.

We know it can be scary to take a stance for what's right, and that's why you'll have a safe and secure way to voice your concerns with this Whistleblowing tool — and we encourage you to use it, even if you're not 100% sure of all the facts.

It’s important to note that anyone who raises a genuine concern will never be penalised. As long as there is reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, Bitpanda will “have your back”. All reports submitted through this tool will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality — every step of the way.

To learn more about our reporting process and existing whistleblowing policies, check out our FAQs.

Thank you for speaking up and talking straight!

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