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autosen – All commerce is based on trust

At our company, we have established a code of conduct that defines our culture of values. Adherence to these values is very important to us at autosen.

We rely here on your assistance in the form of your reports in order to protect the image of autosen and secure our economic success.

With the autosen whistleblowing system, you have the possibility to report potential harm to our values as well as criminal activities. The central compliance organisation will handle all reports with the necessary discretion and care, initiating appropriate countermeasures if the reported situation is confirmed.

If you share your name in your report, we will handle this confidentially and effectively protect you as a whistleblower.

You also have the ability to submit reports anonymously. In addition, you can actively assist in clarifying the situation while remaining anonymous by setting up a postbox after submitting your report.

We handle all reports with the greatest possible discretion and all due care. With your reports, you help us to make autosen better!
However, please bear in mind that the submission of information about others might lead to decisions that could have consequences for the affected parties. We therefore ask that you only submit information that is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge.

Thank you for your assistance!

Why should I submit a report?
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What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?