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We work constructively and respectfully with our employees, customers and business partners.* Violations of our principles, such as corruption or negligence towards the environment, contradict our principles and will not be tolerated at KURZ.

By acting responsibly, we strengthen the trust that our employees, customers and business partners place in us. We take care of our company by respecting all our principles and guidelines.

Dr. Andreas Hirschfelder
‘Corporate integrity is the basis for our relationship with our social environment, our customers, suppliers and employees. Your reports help us to uncover and put an end to violations and malpractice, thereby upholding our corporate integrity!’

By reporting harmful behaviour, you help protect our shared values and standards.

The whistleblowing system is available to KURZ employees, business partners of our group of companies and third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) to report violations of the law or of the KURZ Code of Business Conduct, in particular illegal business practices.

If you are unsure whether a breach has actually occurred, you can also seek advice anonymously via the KURZ Incident Reporting.

We would encourage you to first approach people in your immediate work environment with your information, e.g. your supervisor, management, the human resources or legal department or the compliance officer. However, if you have concerns about making this direct contact, KURZ Incident Reporting is an appropriate channel for ensuring your matter will receive the required attention.

The multi-certified KURZ Incident Reporting compliance whistleblowing system is designed to effectively protect whistleblowers. Reports can be submitted easily, securely and anonymously. All submitted data and information, especially the identity of the whistleblower, will be treated in strict confidence. If you wish, you can also submit your report completely anonymously.

Thank you in advance for your support!

* To make texts easier to read, we have refrained from simultaneously using male, female and non-binary pronouns. All references to persons apply equally to all genders.

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