GEMA Generaldirektion

Commitment to addressing malpractice

In the GEMA whistleblower portal, you can report violations of the rules and values of GEMA and its subsidiaries and submit confidential reports of possible malpractice.

Integrity and responsibility are among the core values of GEMA. We are committed to legally, socially and ethically responsible conduct.

However, an effective compliance system requires that all employees adjust their conduct in accordance with the relevant principles and the company mission statement. We must not tolerate wrongdoing or malpractice. We must take action to prevent and stop such conduct quickly and decisively.

Dr Harald Heker
“Trust is our greatest asset. It is therefore extremely important that we always act fairly, transparently and in accordance with the law. Please help us to discover violations promptly in order that we can take decisive action to put a stop to malpractice and prevent harm to GEMA.”

This portal is intended to support us in this endeavour: Please use it to report harmful conduct or criminal actions. If this is not possible via the normal communication channels, please make use of this whistleblowing system. Your information helps us to counteract violations at an early stage and prevent or reduce damage to the company and its employees, our members and customers as well as business partners.

The portal is available to all employees, members, customers and business partners. Your reports will be handled confidentially and, if desired, anonymously. Technical measures ensure that no one, not even GEMA, can determine the identity of the whistleblower as long as he does not enter any information that may reveal his identity.

Please use this portal only for the issues listed in the following pages. The system must not be used for the deliberate submission of false or slanderous statements or information. Whistleblowers who submit reports in good faith will not suffer any adverse consequences.

Thank you for your support!

In the interests of readability, male pronouns are used in the generic sense. Naturally, these are intended to refer to all genders.

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