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Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH

Everyone can help – by submitting reports!

As an airport, our success relies on the trust of our stakeholders – our employees, customers, business partners and nearby residents. As a public company, we are subject to special obligations. This makes integrity a central aspect of the sustainability strategy of Stuttgart Airport. We have set down our values in the Fairport Codex.

We are dedicated to ensuring consistent compliance with external requirements, and we have established internal policies that we follow. We reject all conduct that harms Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH, one of our subsidiaries or any third parties with whom we do business.

Do you assume that individual aspects of the Fairport Codex have been disregarded? Do you suspect that crimes, administrative offences or major policy violations have occurred that relate to Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH or one of its subsidiaries? Then please report this information via this portal. Incoming reports are handled strictly confidentially and anonymously.

Please also take note of the FAQs on this page (see left column).

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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