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Compliance concerns us all. Speak up!

Compliance, which means the observance of legal regulations and internal guidelines, has the highest priority for the Eschenbach Group. Only by adhering to rules can we protect our company, our employees and our business partners against infringements and inappropriate behaviour. It is therefore important to us to counter possible misconduct in a targeted manner and as early as possible. For this we need your help. If you have any information about compliance-relevant matters such as anticompetitive behaviour, corruption, fraud or violations against our Corporate Code of Conduct or our policies, please speak up! To enable you to speak up we have set up our „Eschenbach Integrity Line“.

Dr. Peter Braunhofer
"Please help to protect our values.
Fair, honest, transparent."

Criminal behaviour within the company jeopardizes not just the reputation and positive image of the Eschenbach Group, but corporate property and assets as well. In general, it is important to avoid unsavory practices of any kind that could cause economic damage and endanger jobs. This requires the attention of everyone and the willingness to point out possible serious rule violations. We also value appropriate information from business partners, customers and other third parties.

One part of our Corporate Code of Conduct is our anonymous whistleblower system, on whose homepage you are currently on. This system allows a confidential and encrypted secured dialog. Of course, we also respect your decision if you do not want to tell us your name.

Please use the „Eschenbach Integrity Line“ responsibly. It must not be abused to defame others or to spread false claims. Please keep in mind that giving information about others may lead to decisions that have consequences for them. For the affected persons, the presumption of innocence applies as long as they have not been found guilty of an infringement. We ask you to provide us only with information that is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Whistleblowers are not squealers. They help significantly to ward off damage and to preserve social and constitutional values. The Eschenbach Group has committed itself to protect whistleblowers. We do not tolerate pressure or discrimination against whistleblowers.

We thank you for your support.

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