You are on a secure, external platform. Reports cannot be traced back to their origin.


Add value. Inspire trust.

That is our promise to our customers. Living up to this promise depends not only on the technical excellence of our services but also on the independence, integrity and legality of our daily work.

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“To maintain the trust of our customers, we must avert potential damage to our company. Please use this TÜV SÜD Trust Channel if you have information about relevant misconduct at TÜV SÜD.”

Do you know or suspect that rules or laws have been violated at TÜV SÜD? Help us to keep our promise to our customers by reporting this misconduct via the secure TÜV SÜD Trust Channel.

The TÜV SÜD Trust Channel is the internet-based whistleblower portal of Business Keeper AG (BKMS® Incident Reporting). A description of how the BKMS® Incident Reporting works can be found at: The TÜV SÜD Trust Channel also gives you the option of setting up a secure electronic postbox that allows you to communicate anonymously and securely with the Corporate Compliance Team of TÜV SÜD. Reports submitted through the TÜV SÜD Trust Channel are not traceable.

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