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Integrity and Trust are cornerstones for the Allianz organisation worldwide

Compliance with all laws, regulations and other external requirements that govern our business activities is a matter of course for us at Allianz. Naturally this also applies to internal rules and in particular to our Code of Conduct. Where violations of these rules or laws may occur we are committed to taking all necessary measures to uncover these, and to implement appropriate steps to ensure such violations do not reoccur.

This reporting channel gives all persons working for Allianz as well as all external stakeholders the opportunity to confidentially report suspected violations of laws, regulations or internal rules. Your report will be handled in strictest confidentiality and can be made completely anonymously, if preferred.

Anonymous Whistleblowings

This reporting channel allows you to communicate with the responsible person (investigator) anonymously (via a secured mailbox). If you prefer not to disclose your identity in your report, you will simply be required to register in the system using any user name you choose, together with a personal code. The investigation team will have access to the information provided by you, and will not be able to learn your true identity unless you reveal it to them. If you choose to report anonymously for any reason, please pay attention not to provide any information that could reveal your identity.

Thank you for showing your commitment by doing the right thing: Your Voice Matters!

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