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Munich Re’s Whistleblowing Portal

To facilitate the reporting of potential compliance violations and to ensure effective follow up, Munich Re has implemented this secure and confidential whistleblowing system which also meets the requirements laid out in the EU Whistleblowing Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/1937).

Via our whistleblower platform, anyone (incl. our employees, customers/ clients, suppliers and other business partners as well as the general public – so called “Whistleblowers”) can report potential compliance violations from anywhere in the world, at any time and if so desired, anonymously.

Why whistleblowing matters

Munich Re’s business and every underlying (trans-)action is based on responsible conduct and sustainable value creation. We attach great importance to the trust of our customers/ clients, investors and employees as well as the general public. Compliance with all applicable statutory requirements and internal regulations by our own people as well as our business partners is of central importance for this and part of our business DNA.

To fulfil this requirement and to live up to our high ethical standards, we want to know about potential compliance violations our own people as well as our business partners are involved in. Munich Re takes any such indication for potential compliance violations very seriously and diligently follows up on respective suspicions.

How our whistleblower platform works

When using our whistleblower platform, Whistleblowers can choose to file their reports with Group Compliance and Legal (GCL), the group wide Munich Re Ombudsperson and/or – where required by law – the respective compliance function(s) at specific local entities, which will then be responsible for following up on the report(s). Confidentiality and the protection of the Whistleblowers is the top priority and guiding principle of our whistleblowing system and all reports will be handled on a strict “need to know” basis.

Your responsibility

Suspecting another person of a compliance violation may have serious consequences for those implicated. For that reason, the whistleblower platform is to be used responsibly. Whistleblowers are encouraged to only provide information whose correctness they are convinced about to the best of their knowledge and belief. As long as Whistleblowers had reasonable grounds to believe that the information reported was true at the time of their report, Whistleblowers may not suffer any retaliation as a consequence for their reports and any attempted retaliation would in itself be considered a severe compliance violation. Vice versa, deliberately making a false report also qualifies as a severe compliance violation and may have serious consequences under criminal and labour law.

Please note that this is Munich Re’s group wide whistleblower platform. In case you want to report to the ERGO group’s whistleblower platform instead, you can find ERGO group’s platform here. Reports can also be addressed directly to New Reinsurance Company Ltd here and to MEAG MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH/ MEAG MUNICH ERGO Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH here.

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