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Welcome to the ÖBB Whistleblower System!

Our Whistleblower System is a confidential and protected communication platform for reports of illegal and irregular behaviour. Economic success and satisfied customers are central elements for ensuring the sustainable success of the ÖBB Group. Detecting and combating compliance violations is a top priority.

Our Whistleblower System is available to all employees of the ÖBB Group, our business partners and other external whistleblowers to report potential violations of rules and laws (within the meaning of the EU Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937 or, in Austria, the Whistleblower Protection Act). This enables you to report known or suspected illegal misconduct any time and anonymously (technically protected by the BKMS® system).

If you want, you can also stay in contact with the ÖBB Group's compliance organisation. The process is always carried out with the utmost care and confidentiality. You are free to decide if you want to reveal your identity when submitting a report or to remain anonymous.

We respect your decision if you do not wish to share your name. You can set up a specially protected (anonymous) mailbox to communicate with us. This is important because questions often come up during the processing of a report which can only be clarified with your support and which may be essential for the next steps.

Whistleblowers who report actual or suspected misconduct in good faith do not have to fear any negative consequences. Your report will be treated strictly confidentially. By filing a report, you help us to uncover or even prevent harmful behaviour. This leads to sustainable improvements and a positive corporate culture.

Thank you for your report!

Please note that no inquiries will be directed to customer service via the ÖBB Group whistleblower system. If you have any questions about ÖBB Group products or services or passenger complaints, please contact ÖBB customer service: www.oebb.at/de/reiseplanung-services/kundenservice

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