ÖBB-Holding AG

Our Responsibilities

As one of the leading companies in Austria, the ÖBB-Group has a high social responsibility towards customers and employees as well as taxpayers.

Therefore, as a state-owned enterprise, we are expected to act with integrity in our daily business. Furthermore, it is essential for us to comply with every legal requirement and set an example for others. We also expect this from our business partners, as part of a sustainable and rule-compliant interaction.

The commitment to effective, efficient and transparent corporate governance is of primary importance to the ÖBB-Group. This not only means setting reactive measures in the event of violations of legal regulations, but also designing a functioning early risk detection system. Ultimately, this helps to avoid risks and avert damage.

Economic success and satisfied customers are core elements in securing the sustainable corporate success of the ÖBB-Group. The detection and combating of illegal activities, corruption and white-collar crimes is a top priority. Therefore, we are providing this electronic whistleblower system for internal and external whistleblowers, as an addition to our existing contact options.

Employees, customers and business partners are invited to use this platform to report illegal activities (in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive). It is possible to submit hints anonymously (technically protected by BKMS® System). The processing of hints is always carried out with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Dear passengers! Please note that no customer service requests can be submitted to the ÖBB-Group's whistleblowing system. If you have any questions or passenger complaints, please contact ÖBB Customer Service. Thank you very much!


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