Harting Stiftung & Co. KG


We stand behind our values!

Your reports help us act quickly to deal with situations and incidents that do not live up to our values, thereby averting or at least reducing harm to the HARTING Technology Group, our employees and our business partners.

Practising social responsibility as well as upholding the values of trust, partnership and integrity have a long tradition at HARTING. Since the founding of our family company in 1945, these values have been put into practice and further refined, making them a fixed part of the vision of the HARTING Technology Group, all in compliance with applicable laws, of course.

We rely on your trust!

This whistleblowing system is operated by EQS Group AG, Berlin, an external provider acting on behalf of HARTING Stiftung & Co. KG. The system is certified regularly by external experts with respect to its data security and data protection.

You can submit reports at any time from anywhere in the world. The HARTING Compliance Line will then investigate your reports with the assistance of specialised, experienced attorneys and the relevant departments or hand off the reports to the competent offices, such as the data protection officer.

The whistleblowing system is not intended for emergencies; in such cases, please use the typical communication channels.

We value open communication and would therefore like to expressly encourage you to provide your name alongside your information. However, every report can also be submitted anonymously. We respect your decision! For continued communication, you have the option of setting up a special secured postbox.

We take every report seriously!

We investigate your reports conscientiously. This requires a certain amount of time and effort. To ensure that our investigation remains unbiased, please handle your report and the associated information confidentially. We will contact you if you have set up a postbox or indicated other communication options.

Please use the whistleblowing system responsibly. Reports intended to denounce other persons or defame them in bad faith or that contain intentionally false information will not be tolerated.

Employees who report an actual or perceived malpractice in good faith need not fear any negative consequences.

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