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secunet Security Networks AG

The secure way to seek advice and report significant violations

This whistleblowing portal (BKMS® Incident Reporting) is at the disposal of employees of the secunet group or third parties to seek advice or draw attention to significant violations of the code of conduct – in particular illegal business practices.

If possible, however, you should first take your concerns to people in your immediate working environment, such as your supervisor, the company management, the human resources department or the legal department. However, if you have reservations concerning this direct contact, or if you have already discussed your concern with a contact person at your company, however without any effect, this whistleblowing portal is the appropriate channel for ensuring your concern will receive the required attention.

With this whistleblowing portal, you can address critical topics openly and without any fear of reprisals. Information received via this system is treated as strictly confidential. Employees who report an actual or perceived malpractice in good faith need not fear any adverse consequences. "In good faith" means that the employee is convinced that his/her statement is accurate and true, regardless of whether a subsequent investigation might confirm or refute this statement. It is prohibited to abuse this system by knowingly submitting false or slanderous information.

We encourage everyone using this system to state their name. We will initiate all appropriate measures needed to protect the confidentiality of your report. Additional information on how your report will be processed can be found below in the footer under “Information on data protection”.

We would like to thank you in advance for your assistance and your conscientiousness!

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