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Responsible conduct is a matter for all of us – do your part!

Wittur as a well-established and reliable business partner operating around the globe, is not only offering guaranteed quality and top performance. The company also complies with laws, rules and applicable regulations, demonstrating its integrity with ethical and consistent decisions.

Wittur puts great importance on an open company culture. For this reason, we encourage every employee as well as business partners, customers and other third parties to report concrete indications of possible rule violations or suspected white-collar crime within the Wittur Group. In this way, you support Wittur to maintain its integrity and to prevent possible damage.

CEO Udo Aull
Udo Aull, CEO Wittur Group
Marc Vendolsky, CCO Wittur Group
"Our whistleblowing system supports to uncover serious violation of rules ensuring best possible protection and confidentiality of the whistleblower and affected person."

You can submit a report - secure and strictly confidential - at any time via our whistleblowing portal. You decide whether you wish to disclose your name or submit a report anonymously. Every report is inspected by our external ombudsman and forwarded to the responsible Compliance department of the Wittur Group for confidential processing.

We ask you to use the whistleblowing portal responsibly. Accusing another person can have serious consequences for that person. Please only submit information you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge. Setting up a secured postbox allows you to communicate with the examiner of your report.

Thank you very much for your support!

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