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Dr. Hagen Lessing, CEO ista
„Compliance with legal requirements, ethical standards and regulatory requirements is crucial for a successful cooperation within ista, but also for dealing with all of our business partners - integrity is a top priority. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to report any compliance incidents via ista's anonymous whistleblowing system 'Speak Up' (BKMS® System).“

ista offers its employees1 and all business partners this anonymous and structured reporting system to draw attention to (potential) compliance violations, particularly in the area of white-collar crime (e.g. corruption offenses) or antitrust law. A submitted report is only forwarded to ista's Compliance Organisation, which is responsible for the further confidential processing.

Please note: raising allegations against someone can lead to serious consequences for that person. The reporting system should therefore be used responsibly. A reporter is urged to only pass on such information that – to the reporter's best knowledge – is known to be true. Bad faith reports and knowingly providing false information can be punished by criminal and labour law.

We appreciate your trust and support!

[1] For better readability, the generic masculine pronoun is used in this system. Discrimination within the meaning of Article 1 of the Equal Treatment Act, of any kind, is not intended.

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