The right choice is always to address issues and express concerns.

METRANS, a.s. and its subsidiaries (hereafter “METRANS”) are very aware of the continuously rising requirements with regard to legally compliant conduct in their relationships with business partners, shareholders, employees, capital markets and other stakeholders. As a responsible company, complying with the law and acting with integrity are essential aspects of the corporate culture at METRANS. Accordingly, METRANS seeks to ensure compliance with statutory standards as well as internal company guidelines by means of an appropriate compliance management system. Our good reputation relies on not making any compromises when it comes to acting lawfully and with integrity.

Peter Kiss
”We take compliance very seriously at METRANS. Help us by making your contribution to the discovery and consistent prevention of misconduct!”

Reservations often exist in connection with openly addressing misconduct and malpractice. It is often simpler to simply tolerate things – but this can potentially lead to much greater harm. This makes it all the more important to call out problems by name. The METRANS whistleblowing system is therefore a valuable tool that serves to uncover and bring a stop to potential illegal activity and violations of internal guidelines within the METRANS Group as well as in the associated supply chains.

METRANS offers this communication channel as an opportunity to report suspected compliance violations. The technical aspects of the application are administered by the independent company EQS Group AG, and the application is hosted on secure servers in Germany. The content of submitted reports is examined exclusively by the Head Office Compliance METRANS, a.s. and/or by the local compliance officers in the respective METRANS subsidiaries.

Violations can be reported via the whistleblowing system by employees and impacted third parties as well as other stakeholders. METRANS will ensure that anyone who submits a report in good faith will not suffer any adverse consequences as a result. All reports are handled confidentially, and reports can also be submitted anonymously.

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