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The BBVA Group's Whistleblowing Channel

The Whistleblower Channel allows you to report, even anonymously if you wish, any conduct that is not in accordance with the principles contained in the Code of Conduct, internal regulations or that violates the law. The Channel is open to members of the BBVA Group as well as to third parties outside the Group.

"Everything we do at BBVA must be guided by our Purpose and Values: Customer comes first, We think big, We are one team. Values that are reflected in behaviors such as "we have integrity". We must always comply with applicable laws and regulations, in a professional and transparent manner. Our Whistleblowing Channel provides us with a key tool to achieve this goal.“

In the event that you reveal your identity, your personal data and the content of the report will be communicated exclusively to the personnel of those areas whose collaboration is essential in the investigation of the facts. All reports will be analyzed in a strictly confidential, objective and impartial manner.

When you report facts or actions in good faith to the Channel, you will not be subject to retaliation or suffer any other adverse consequence from this report.

The Channel is equipped with the most advanced encryption technology and complies with the highest standards of data protection. This Channel also allows you to maintain a communication with the person who will handle the report using a secure key, and you can remain anonymous at any time, if this is the option you have chosen.

You can use the Channel 24 hours/7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer or mobile phone. If you wish to find more detailed information, you can consult the "frequently asked questions" section.

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