Welcome to Lact@lert: the Lactalis Group Whistleblowing Platform.

The Lactalis Group carries out its activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Employees of the Lactalis Group uphold these commitments on a daily basis and carry out their duties and professional activities with responsibility, discernment and professional integrity, and in compliance with internal rules and procedures, including the Anticorruption Lact@Policy.

The Lactalis Group encourages and promotes open communication and dialogue, and invites all its employees to promptly report any concerns regarding compliance and business ethics.

To this end, and within the framework of the legal obligations applicable to it, the Lactalis Group has implemented a system to receive and process reports on conduct or situations that violate the law, the group’s internal rules and procedures, or the Anticorruption Lact@Policy.

This system (“Whistleblowing Platfom”) is available to all employees of the Group, including corporate officers, as well as casual employees, any person who has applied for a job within the Lactalis Group and any employee or associate of a co-contracting party. It was introduced to complement traditional communication channels.

Are you a witness to illegal or unethical situations and conduct that jeopardize the integrity or safety of the company, employees or consumers? This platform is there to enable you to submit a report in a secure, confidential and anonymous manner.

How does the Lactalis Group Whistleblowing Platform work?

To submit a report:

  1. Click on the ‘Submit a report’ button on the top left-hand side;
  2. Read the instructions carefully and answer the security query
  3. Select the category that best describes your report; If you are unsure about the nature of your report, feel free to consult the details of each category by clicking on the ‘information’ symbol on the right;
  4. Provide details of your report by answering the questions asked. If necessary, you may attach files to support your report. Make sure to delete this information before submitting this report in order to guarantee your anonymity;
  5. Click on ‘Send’. Your report will then be processed by the Lactalis Group Compliance Committee.

If you have any questions, a Frequently Asked Questions page is available on this homepage, as well as the Whistleblowing Platform Lact@Policy. You will also find these documents on the Compliance Intranet Page.

Together, let’s stay alert!

Whistleblowing Platform Lact@Policy
Who can submit a report?
What can I report?
What are the security guarantees provided by the system?
How do I submit a report?
How can I track my report?
How will I receive feedback while maintaining my anonymity?
What happens after I have submitted a report?
How do I exercise my personal data rights?