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iTrust: Standing up for integrity together

Our company stands for integrity and responsible conduct. Compliance with laws and regulations is an important part of our managerial responsibility. As a fair employer and business partner, we treat each other responsibly and without prejudice, both within the company and with respect to all external stakeholders of MTU. This is clearly set out in our Code of Conduct for all employees, managers and board members. Observing all applicable laws and regulations is the responsibility of each individual. That is the only way we can remain true to our principles.

Lars Wagner
Peter Kameritsch
Dr. Silke Maurer
Michael Schreyögg
“Integrity and responsibility are the fundament of our company. We condemn all forms of white-collar crime and consider compliance with the law the responsibility of all our businesses. Each individual member of our company is responsible to act with integrity and to require others to do the same.”

That is why we have established a secure communication platform for submitting reports in addition to the existing reporting channels involving the managers, HR department, ombudsperson or works council. The whistleblowing system iTrust ("BKMS® System") is open to all MTU employees as well as other external stakeholders to report potentially unlawful conduct or incorrect business practices. It can be used anonymously.

Of course, we prefer communicating about the reported issue openly and would appreciate if you disclosed your identity. We must, however, point out that we may, under certain circumstances, be legally obliged to disclose your identity to third parties (please consult our data protection information for further details). We therefore respect your decision if you do not wish to share your name for the time being. In this case, we ask you to set up a secured postbox which you can use to communicate with us anonymously. Your reports will be handled in strict confidence.

Those who report an actual or perceived malpractice in good faith need not fear any adverse consequences. However, deliberate false reports can lead to disciplinary measures.

iTrust complements the regular reporting channels used at MTU; it does not replace them. Before submitting an anonymous report via iTrust, please consider whether you could contact any of the other specified reporting channels directly and address your suspicion openly.

Help us reveal conduct that can damage the financial standing or reputation of our company or cast doubt on our reliability as a business partner!

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