Hapag-Lloyd Aktiengesellschaft

Speak up safely and express your concerns!

Hapag-Lloyd AG and its subsidiaries as well as affiliates (collectively known as “Hapag-Lloyd”) across the globe are committed to conducting business with the highest standards of ethics, respect, integrity and accountability and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the Global Code of Ethics and other internal guidelines, policies, rules and procedures.

Hapag-Lloyd fosters a work environment in which all employees and business partners feel professionally responsible, empowered and able to speak up safely and express their concerns with respect to any actual or suspected unethical or illegal behaviors. Hapag-Lloyd welcomes concerns from anyone within or outside Hapag-Lloyd on acts, omissions and/or behaviors made by employees, management, our board of directors and/or business partners linked to the Hapag-Lloyd operations, e.g. third party agents, vendors, suppliers or contractors/subcontractors. Early detection of misconduct, open communication and transparency help Hapag-Lloyd to prevent severe damage to the company, its employees, business partners, as well as the general public. Hapag-Lloyd is committed to protecting whistleblowers. We do not tolerate any retaliation against whistleblowers.

Who can report a concern?
What kind of reports can be submitted?
What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
Will my report be handled confidentially?
Can I report anonymously and how will I know the status of my report?
What happens after I reported a concern?
Am I protected once I made a report?