Is everything on the safe side? No? Send your report to us!

DEKRA has a vision: "We will be the global partner for a safe and sustainable world!"

This goal can only be achieved if we as DEKRA work together to achieve it. We do not tolerate any violations of laws and our internal guidelines and standards. DEKRA's success as an international expert organization depends to a large extent on our customers' trust in our integrity, reliability, and neutrality.

For example, have you found a violation of the law, evidence of bribery, unethical actions, violations of social and/or environmental standards, other offenses, or misconduct? Then report this incident to us.

Your report can be used to detect and combat misconduct at an early stage. However, it must not be used to make deliberate false reports. We therefore ask you to use the system responsibly.

As a whistleblower, we assure you full protection. Whistleblowers will not be disadvantaged in any way by their report. We will treat your information confidentially and, thanks to the latest technology, offer you a secure communication platform for submitting anonymous reports.

We recommend setting up a protected mailbox at the end of your report - especially if you wish to remain anonymous. This way we can stay in contact with you, inform you about the status of the processing and ask you further questions. Often these queries are very important for processing.

Please note that our whistleblower system is not available for general complaints, customer complaints or warranty inquiries.

Thank you for your help! Together we can stay on the safe side!

Why do I need to submit a report?
What kind of report is useful to DEKRA?
What is the process for submitting a report? How do I set up a postbox?
How do I receive feedback and remain anonymous at the same time?