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Simple, responsible, reliable

Our operation follows these three essential values of our company vision. They are the pillars of our lasting success and distinguish us in dealing with our collaborators and business partners.

Therefore, we also expect responsible and reliable conduct from our collaborators and our business partners.

Legal statutes, provisions, procedures and binding regulations as well as guidelines, protocols and contracts of any kind must be complied with.

We ask for your cooperation in this respect!

For example, have you detected, irregular or corrupt behaviour, any violation of the regulations, behaviours that are reprehensible from an ethical point of view, agreements or promises that could obstruct free competition, or other illicit behaviour? Take the opportunity to report this breach through this whistleblowing system and share your information with us. All information will be treated confidentially.

This whistleblowing system is part of our compliance management system and its purpose is to provide people with the ability to report, even anonymously, possible infractions or violations of the compliance regulations within ALDI.

Your contributions are important as they help us detect, prevent and counteract conduct that may violate compliance regulations. The whistleblowing system must never be used to initiate deliberately false or defamatory reports. Please make responsible use of the whistleblowing system and avoid abusing it.

If you want to remain anonymous but still contribute to revealing irregular behaviour, you have the option to use the protected ‘postbox'. Through this electronic postbox you can transmit information and use it to help detect or resolve any irregularity.

We are grateful for any information that helps us in that regard.

Reports can be submitted about any type of infractions or violations contrary to applicable legal regulations as well as internal provisions (for example, ethical rules, internal procedures, guidelines, codes of conduct, etc.). Please note that on this site we cannot answer questions regarding products, points of sale or in general about the day-to-day management of ALDI. For these types of issues, please contact us either using the contact form specifically provided for these other purposes on our website or through our customer services hotline.

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