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Working together to protect our principles!

Webasto SE and its affiliated companies (“Webasto”) are active in many countries around the world with different laws, cultures, traditions and values. Webasto respects these laws, regulations and societal values.

At the same time, Webasto bears a social responsibility to its employees, business partners and society in general. Compliance with national and international laws and regulations as well as adhering to internal policies, rules and values are part of this responsibility.

However, compliance can only work if all employees hold to these external and internal rules. Any violations of laws, internal regulations or other malpractice or abuses must be identified early and decisively counteracted.

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"Integrity, legal compliance and respect for ethical values are key principles in our interactions with employees and business partners."

The Webasto whistleblowing system enables anyone, including Webasto employees and external third parties, in particular customers/clients, service providers/suppliers and other business partners, as well as the general public, (referred to together as “whistleblowers”), to submit confidential reports concerning violations of laws, other external regulations, internal policies and rules as well as other forms of malpractice at Webasto, including in connection with Webasto’s supply chain. This helps us identify and eliminate any malpractice at an early stage, avoiding or reducing harm to Webasto, its employees and business partners. In particular, we would also like to encourage you to report your observations and concerns relating to risks to or violations of human rights or environmental duties. Please do not just report such matters where they concern Webasto; rather, please also report those relating to the entire supply chain for Webasto’s products and services, including direct and indirect suppliers to Webasto.

Webasto would like to expressly empower its employees and individuals outside Webasto to report any actual and/or suspected violations. Webasto will not tolerate any discrimination or repression directed at an individual in connection with the use of the whistleblowing system and is committed to protecting such individuals insofar as this is reasonably and legally possible.

Thank you very much for your support!

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