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ebm-papst Unternehmensgruppe, Group Risk & Compliance

Your report can help!

ebm-papst is committed to responsible company management. We want to work fairly and reliably with our business partners, and we wish to be an attractive employer.

Our company culture is based not only on obeying the law but also adhering to even higher standards of ethical conduct. We appreciate and act respectfully toward our fellow humans and the environment. These fundamental values have guided our activities for over 50 years and make ebm-papst a special company.

Compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies is of the greatest importance at ebm-papst.

With the system offered here, employees and business partners working with our group as well as other persons can easily submit secure, anonymous reports about violations of the law or our internal guidelines and values.

All submitted data and information, especially the identity of the whistleblower, will be treated in strict confidence and specially protected.

With your report, you are contributing to the protection of our shared values, strengthening the basis of mutual trust and preventing harm to our company, its employees and business partners.

Thank you very much for your support!

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