Your NOVOTRUST report is valuable to us.

Are you aware of illegal activity in a company of the NOVOMATIC AG group or violations of group policies or the code of conduct? With your report, you help the affected companies to investigate the situation and promote a compliance culture within the NOVOMATIC AG group. We assure you that we will maintain the strictest confidentiality while evaluating your information, and we will take the individual case into account as necessary.

“Particularly in a sensitive industry such as gaming, criminal acts can have a very large impact on the business and can put our licenses in danger around the world. We are therefore highly interested in promptly investigating reports.”

Our NOVOTRUST whistleblowing system is based on the state-of-the-art technology of BKMS® System. In addition to anonymous processing of your report, the system also ensures secure communication with the company you have selected. In order that we can contact you with questions after your report, we ask that you set up a secured postbox. This offers us the opportunity to communicate with you to establish more details about the case.

The NOVOTRUST whistleblowing system is intended exclusively for reporting legal violations and breaches of the respectively applicable code of conduct or group policies. It is not intended for communicating general customer inquiries or for complaints, especially those arising from gaming operations or from supplier or customer relationships. Such complaints will not be processed here and will also not be forwarded.

Please only use this method for reporting legal violations and other breaches about which you have concrete information.

More information about the reporting process can be found in the FAQ.

Thank you very much for your support!

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