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Integrity at Pfeiffer Vacuum – speak up!

Acting with integrity is how we do business at Pfeiffer Vacuum. Integrity is fundamental for building and justifying the trust in our relationships with our business partners. It is our firm conviction that sustainable economic success is inseparable from compliance with laws and our internal standards.

“Our corporate culture is characterized by clear responsibility and trust. Legitimate behavior and fair competition are an integral part of our business activities and an important prerequisite for securing Pfeiffer Vacuum's long-term success. Please report any compliance violations and well-founded suspicions in order to prevent damage to the Pfeiffer Vacuum Group.”

Inappropriate behavior from a single employee can endanger the reputation of the whole Group and may cause significant damage to the Company. This portal offers an opportunity for all employees, customers, suppliers and other parties to report concrete information about violations of the law, code of conduct and other internal policies, or about any other illegitimate behavior.

Based on the open communication culture of Pfeiffer Vacuum, we prefer such reports to be submitted directly to the responsible supervisor, Human Resources or to the Compliance department. But if you feel you cannot – for whatever reason – use this first point of contact, this portal is also available to you for reporting serious compliance violations.

This online whistleblowing system is an external, internet-based application that is secured and certified by the latest technology. These technical security measures make it possible for you to submit reports anonymously. Setting up a secured postbox allows you to communicate with the case processor on matters concerning your report while safeguarding your anonymity. Naturally, your reports will also be handled in a strictly confidential manner if you give your name when submitting your report.

Whistleblowers who submit reports in good faith will not suffer any adverse consequences. The whistleblowing system may not be used to knowingly submit false or defamatory statements or information.

We thank you very much for your help in protecting our company from potentially damaging conduct.

The Management Board

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