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Our motto “Integrity in Logistics” describes the topic of compliance as a demand on ourselves and on our business partners. We believe that a sustainably managed and future-proof company is largely reliant on all persons involved in the process behaving with integrity. With honest, reliable and trustworthy conduct, we create the basis for long-term and successful business relationships.

Stephan Maruschke, CCO
“Compliance at DACHSER does not require blind obedience, but rather considered action in line with the deep-seated corporate values we have always followed. Be brave. Help us to preserve the integrity of us all with your contribution.”

As a company we are called upon to prevent any form of criminal behaviour within our sphere of influence. Possible violations should be identified early on and investigated with the necessary sensitivity. We encourage our employees, our business partners and the public to openly discuss with us any concerns they may have about critical activities or serious malpractice related to our company. Information can help us to address serious violations early on. This is done not only to protect the individuals concerned, but also to protect our company and our business partners.

For this reason, possible violations can be indicated here, either anonymously or by name. We treat all incoming reports confidentially. We also do not tolerate reprisals against whistleblowers who report potential compliance violations to us in good faith and responsibly. When we investigate a report, we also pay attention to the legitimate interests of the person(s) concerned.

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