Speak up!

At Saint-Gobain, we have always sought to build and maintain an open and engaging culture. We believe this is how we can earn the trust of our employees and all our stakeholders. This is why we want all to have a safe and reliable channel to let us know of any violation of law or our Principles of Conduct and Action.

This alert system is available to all our employees as well as third parties. Alerts can be submitted anonymously via this platform, though we always encourage you to share your identity and engage in a dialogue with us. Be assured that all data and information you share with us will be handled with utmost independence and in strict confidentiality.

Benoit Bazin
“As we live in a more complex and risky world, we are deeply committed to living up to our values. When you speak up, you help us build a culture of trust and achieve our goal: being the best we can for our employees and all our stakeholders.”

We count on you to speak up and help us uphold our values.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Who receives and treats the alerts? What is the process for investigating alerts?
What is the process for submitting an alert?
Can I send an alert anonymously?
How do I access my postbox?
How do I receive feedback on my alert?